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Dec 4, 2012 6:00pm PST
walgreens. >>> groups and the american civil liberties union objecting to government use of unmanned surveillance aircraft within the united states. >> this debate has now come to alameda county. why the sheriff's department wants one of the things, and why some object. >> opponents call them drones. the sheriff zbt doesn't like that term because of the military connotation perhaps, but for this story%3ls're going to call them unmanned military vaeks. this is the -- 31,000 unmanned aerial vehicle. neat machine according to critics. >> just the cutest toy i can imagine. >> susan told the supervisors she's opposed to the device, aclu attorney called it a threat to privacy. >> just because we walk out, walk outdoors sometimes doesn't mean we sur ren yernd the right to make sure the government doesn't collect and stockpile personalized information about our whereabouts. >> saying an inexpensive system is different than a sheriff's department. -- helicopter because of the low cost. aclu fears afford yablt will lead to abuse. and as for low cost cameras? they're on buildings, street lights
Dec 7, 2012 6:00pm PST
calling it an accident. >> the sounds of christmas could be heard throughout union square today. that is abc 7 news don san chess and sue hall joining in this celebrity ringing of the bells outside racy's this morning taking place every year to raise funz for salvation army services. this year's theme, rock the square, featuring a lunch concert with beatles and rolling stones cover bands. >> fun. and for a great cause, and wonderful weather. >> yes. >> this is just remarkable out there. >> yi. yes. sunny skies and clouds around. and then, it's cool into afternoon hours in spots. getting milder into the weekend. this is also good news. looking westward back over the bay, you can see there is lights with the holiday season on. you can get a clear view. here is a look at live doppler 7. showing little in the way of clouds around the bay area. we have some high, thin, widely scattered clouds and clear skies. and cool conditions, temperatures 55 degrees in san francisco. and san rafael. 50 in half moon bay. mid-50s in other locations around the bwn,w÷ area. these are the forecast fe
Dec 9, 2012 6:00pm PST
was headed northbound into downtown san francisco when then incident happened. >> the union city woman convicted of killing nursing student michelle le is scheduled for sentencing tomorrow. state law requires her to spend a minimum of 25 years in prison after an al immediate a county jury convicted her of first degree murder in october. properties say she killed ln a jealous rage. >> two recent oakland homicide vices are being railroad. 16-year-old bobby sartane and 16-year-old racquel were shot and killed thanksgiving weekend. there -- police are still investigating the case. >> a house fire in hayward was quickly extinguished this morning. it took crews an hour to put out the fire. a family that lived there had recently moved out. there's no indication the five-was suspicious. >> falling off the fiscal cliff and what it could mean for your money and what you eat. >> and gearing up for the biggest day of the year. what's ahead if you're expecting a package this week. >> i'm meteorologist sandy patel. to record high temperatures today bu >> fans going to the 49ers today got a chance to
Dec 11, 2012 6:00pm PST
a little of that yesterday in the bay area with rallies organized by move on and labor unions calling on the president to stand firm against cuts to social security and medicare. as our abc 7 news political analyst explains inside game is taking place behind closed doors between high-level staffers on both sides, crunching numbers and floating possible compromises. >> i think the feeling today is that more hopeful but still guardedly cautious. >> he says there are so many options from doing nothing to reaching a grand bargain to just muddling through. muddling through is the most-likely and it would mean tax cuts for the middle class will be extended and rates for the wealthy will go up.[çift and after the first of the year, president and republican-led house will be fighting again, this time over raising the debt ceiling. the president has been trying to pull that debt ceiling deadline into any agreement but that would require sort of a megadeal. at this point a muddled deal more likely. there is that talk that the end of the year deadline everybody is talking about could be pushed
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4